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Thread: Mac Tutorial for a Mac Newbie please?

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    Scrolling: two fingers in the center of the key pad. Pull down, to have the page go down. Push up to move upward.

    Sweep fingers in center of pad to right to move entire page right. Left for left.

    Put your index finger and thumb together. Place them at the center of the pad. Push them apart and your text/view will enlarge. "Pinch" them back together and it will decrease.

    Command plus up arrow, returns the screen to the very top. Option plus up arrow pages up. Down arrow for down.

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    In the same place you removed predictive type text, you can control the capitalization of letters. It's another 'tick' box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deb, post: 262458
    Keith, I have tried to type text without caps lock but it isn't automatically putting the caps on at the beginning of sentences for example or for "I". But the shift key is a great thing! Already making my life easier though I have to get into the habit of that instead of Caps Lock.

    I have changed my preferences to take off automatic spelling corrector, and will see if that works for me!
    In Lion I've had to mess with the automatic stuff as well because it was silently "fixing" things that weren't broken, it just didn't know about them. The proper way is probably to spend time improving its dictionary but I just dont have the time, so yeah, I can see where you're coming from
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    Another thing that "might" work for you.

    I have a ridiculously hard time with the trackpad. I want to use it but it just seems unnatural after all these years with a mouse.

    So, I have one of these.

    Wireless via Bluetooth. Touch sensitive. Combine it with MagicPrefs and it's a brilliant combination.

    Tom (... up is down and all around! )

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    Good point, Tom. Herself uses the Magic Mouse and I use the track pad. I love it. I got used to a track pad back in the IBM Lenovo days, and really miss not having one (when at work with that horrid piece of garbage I have to work with).

    The magic mouse really is something! (Rather like a track pad built into a mouse)!

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    Am loving my iMac!

    However, it took a while and few dozen posts on here to figure how to do things.

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