Hi all

Ok, I feel a bit silly posting this :tongue:

Ok, after getting an iphone4, and an ipad, last month when I needed a new laptop I didn't bpther with my usual Vaio, and I took the plunge with a lovely brand new super duper 13" MacBook Air! My first ever Mac!!

Now, it is cute, and light, and a thing of beauty, and I do love the fact that I can easily carry it around the house, but....I am not getting the best out of it because ***whispers in a very quiet voice*** I don't know how to use the keypad and touchpad properly

For example, I can't work out how to cut, paste. copy etc. Sometimes I accidentally manage to get those options up on the touchpad when I didn't need them, but I have no idea how I did it. So I am ending up writing documents on Garry's laptop, which sort of defeats the object :oops Does anyone know of a little tutorial - and preferably written down, not a video? I mean, I can do the basic typing, but that's about it!

Thank you all, and please don't laugh at me too much