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Thread: Disney World Discount Tickets- Where to get cheap Disney World Tickets?

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    Hello Members,

    Need Help..

    Suggest me the way to get Disney World Discount Tickets at cheap rates?

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    disney has magic your way the longer you stay the cheeper it gets .you need to get your tickets from disney.Please dont get them from a ticket broker they will not honor them, all the the parks use finger id matched to each ticket

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    I honestly don't know how to obtain discounted tickets.

    Disney offers the Annual Pass which if used enough, ends up being the best choice.

    There used to be time share offers that required you to sit through a 3 hour hard sell presentation then receive free park tickets but I've not heard about that in a long time.

    DO NOT be taken in by the many booths advertising discounted tickets, and that they will purchase tickets. They are extremely dangerous places that often sell tickets that are no good and will not get you into the parks.

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