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About car insurance and young people. It's not blooming fair, trying to find someone to even give you a quote is a nightmare and when you do get one it's like £3000! How are they supposed to learn and go out and get a job especially living in a rural area? I know that they're more of a risk but really? It's ridiculous, all my friends in America, their kids have been driving since they were 15 and premiums not nearly as bad, blooming country! Rant over
Here, Here! I passed my test 3 years ago this October and have only been able to actually drive a handful of times because of the cost of insurance!

When my parents go away on holiday and I NEED the car, they will insure me temporarily on it so that I can get around... a week costs circa £60! I haven't had a quote less than £2,500 for a year and that is after passing my test three years ago, so that has gone down from what it was originally, too.