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Thread: The Tropicals To Leave Animal Kingdom in October

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    Disney's Animal Kingdom will soon have to say goodbye to one of the park's entertainment group "The Tropicals".


    A Disney spokesperson said "we regularly evaluate our offerings and make appropriate adjustments based on creative and operational needs. At this time, the atmosphere entertainment program at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is being evaluated, and replacing the Tropicals with another act is under consideration.

    To meet recent creative and operational needs at the park, the Tropicals will have their final performance at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on Saturday, October 29, 2011".
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    Aw, man! I love jamming to The Tropicals!

    They are set up outside the Nemo theater. They play fun calypso music. I'll miss hearing their joyful songs!

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    Me too, Gwennie. They are a fun and lively group that added much energy to the atmosphere.

    I know that things need to be changed to keep from getting stale, but Disney seems to have a knack for choosing groups that are very popular and changing them out for nothing, or for something much less popular.

    Remember all the acts there used to be in the World Showcase like Bella Nova and the Living Statues? Gordon, and the mime in the clear plastic ball? The other mime with the music and the little act with the balloons??? All gone and replaced with what?

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