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Thread: The 20/40 trip day one to the airport

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    The background :

    Well having cancelled this trip 3 times due to DH's work commitments. I haven't been that confident about talking about it - then worries about my job,although i think we may be restructured i should be OK- had that news from my manager today

    Anyway - why is it called the 20/40 trip- well for 2 special reasons,
    1 I'm turning the big 40 in 2011 and it will be Jon and my 20th Wedding Anniversary. I always thought that this would be my trip
    as it was my big birthday but to be honest I'm more looking forward to sharing our actual anniversary there. This will also probably be our last complete family trip tothe Mouse.


    Moi- major league planner,facilitator and cheer leader (40)
    Jon - long suffering but attentive hubby (42)*
    Dan- i'm way too cool to get excited but i really am (17)
    Caitlin - doing her own ride searches on you tube already (12)

    Day 1 Travel day
    I had planned to leave straight after online checkin at 11.20 but the boys had other ideas! Liverpool was playing so it was decided to wait till the match was finished. My friend was looking after our
    mad boxer dog Charlie and she picked him up at midday. He jumped straight into her car and didn't give us a second look! Armed with emergency contact details for my Mum, vet and insurance details, various leads blankets and towels and enough dog food to last 6 months Charlie disappeared round the corner in the back of Helen's car.

    Of course because i had planned to leave at midday everything had been done, so i started faffing and checking passports........and checking documentation.......and checking that the passports hadn't fallen out of my zipped kipling pocket in the time it had taken me to check that i had everything in my folder. Then i started tidying......and moving things.....and pacing, after being moaned at for all of the above i decided to check the passports once again and try and sit down and relax. Nope.....didn't work, it was an agonising 2 hours 30 mins and 22 seconds until we got in the car and left the drive.

    It was very grey when we left home and as we drove through rural lincolnshire i kept thinking this time tomorrow...

    After a rather uneventful journey to Heathrow (very strange in the UK to get a straight run!) We found our airport hotel very easily. Originally our flight had been at 9am so we would have had to be up at o dark thirty so i had decided to treat us all and stay in the Sofitel attached to terminal 5. It's very cool when you drive in as the ticket you take from the barrier has your number plate on it...little things

    When we got to check in it was well past the check in time and one of our rooms wasn't ready so they upgraded us to deluxe rooms. Quite a plush hotel but staff could do with some training in the art of smiling. Rooms are of average size for airport hotels but very comfortable, the bathroom was warmly lit and had a bath and shower. Nice toiletries and towels big enough to go round your body were a treat. I had researched the terminal prior to our arrival to see what eateries were available prior to security- well did you expect me to be wing it? Anyway Carluccios it was and we had a table reserved for 6.30pm. The hotel is connected to termal 5 by a series of lifts and nicely fragranced corridors, it only took us 5 minutes to reach the terminal. Carluccios was easy to find, situated directly behind the bag drop desks and next to a newsagents. We were seated straight away and sat for 10 minutes waiting for a server to approach us. We were about to leave when she came over. During this time i had struck up a conversation with an American couple that had just been on a European cruise and were flying back to Miami the next morning. They told us they were from Boca Raton and we had a lovely conversation while waiting for our food. The 4 of us shared the massimo anti pasti...mmmmmmm so good and sorry Jamie Oliver but this beats yours! Everyone else had pastas for main course and i had some calamari and had bits of theirs as i wasn't over hungry and my stomach was doing somersaults. The bill came to 64 which i thought was very reasonable for what we had. I didn't leave a tip as to be quite honest the service was rubbish. We returned to the room and tried to settle down for a good nights sleep.

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    Fab trip pie looking forward to more :metal:

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    How wonderful to not leave a tip because the service wasn't up to par. Here, as you know, a tip is expected, almost a demand.

    Sounds like a pleasant start to your holiday! The waiting to leave? That needs to have been nicely compensated!

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    How could they watch the footie rather than leave for the airport?! Pffft, men eh?!

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    Looking forward to readding your trippy, good start with the upgrade.

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    Great start! I have to say that if it were my team playing on the telly I would have waited till it was finished too

    I like Carluccio's, and we love that antipasti plate! Not quite a s good as the one at Via Napoli at EPCOT, but pretty good

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    your dinner sounds super yummy!!!

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