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Thread: bigger rooms or suites at all stars?

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    Did I read right that theyre doing suites or larger rooms at the all stars now? is it at all of them and are they properly larger or just two rooms with the dividing door again?

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    All Star Music has Family Suites now. They are two of the old rooms combined into a suite.

    One room is the "master bedroom" with a queen bed and bathroom. It's a shade smaller than the original room, as part was carved out for the kitchen area, if I remember correctly. The main room has convertible furniture that can sleep four (total 6 plus one under 3 in pak-n-play), an efficiency kitchen (sink, microwave, coffeemaker and small refrigerator) and the second bathroom. Entry to the suite is from the main room, which could be an issue if only young children occupy that room. The price usually is a bit more than two value resort rooms and availability is limited. They are booked quickly!

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