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Thread: Star Sighting: David Beckham and Sons Visit Disneyland

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    David Beckham took his three sons to visit Disneyland park over the weekend, sources say. Dressed comfortably in t-shirts, jeans and ball caps, Beckham and his sons could be seen around the park on a variety of rides and for all intents and purposes seemed to be having a blast.


    Later in the day, Beckham’s youngest sons really got into the spirit of Disneyland and could be seen dressed up in giant Mickey Mouse hands and an Indiana Jones hat.

    Now why couldn't he have come to Disney World instead
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    Wonder whats in his backpack?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kate, post: 263370
    Wonder whats in his backpack?!
    Ooooo idk? His vinylmation stash? Not like he needs to save money and bring food/drink in. Did he have a bodyguard do you reckon?

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