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Thread: I am so norty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by britchick, post: 263477
    That would be lovely Johnie, thank you
    Pm me your address again please

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    well Jon's decided that he doesn't want to come but is happy for Caitlin (13) and I to go next October!

    do you reckon i would be able to get tickets to MNSSHP on actual halloween if i book as soon as they come out? that would be sooooo cool!

    thinking of staying at port orleans and getting the regular dining plan as we won't have a car. I've never not had a car but i don't really want to drive anyway on my own.

    looking at 11 nights.

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    Wow! That is shaping up to be a very nice holiday! No car really won't be much of a problem if you want to focus on Disney. We used to rent cars and then they'd sit in the parking lot after that first and only run to the grocery store!

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    We don't drive either when we are over there and coped quite well. We didn't feel the need at all as we stayed on site.


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    Well annual leave has been booked......iM just toying with booking accommodation, it's going to be Saratoga springs or PO, Saratoga is actually cheaper. I thought it would be better because eif I want to eat in a resort we can walk to DTD and get a bus from there rather than having to get the bus to the TTC

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