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Thread: Best time to buy flights

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    Hi guys

    I suspect somebody has asked this before but when is the best time to buy your flights? I know that tickets are not available until around 10 months before but is it best to wait until last minute and buy them or as soon as they are out.

    We've decided to to pay the extra and go with virgin after the nightmare we had with Delta last time. Although we're not going until May 2013 I've been having a look at ticket prices each month for May next year to see if there is a difference in price the closer you get to the time. Obviously the price won't be the same for 2013 but at least I can track price changes as a guide.

    Does anyone recommend any particular agents to go through or even avoid? I have looked at the Virgin site itself but it seems you can get the tickets cheaper through other agents.

    Sorry if this has been asked before.:questionmark1:
    Sam x

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    people say it's best to get them when they first come out but i haven't found that to be necessarily so. I've seen some good fares for this October just this week that are under 500 so may even be tempted to take a gamble

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