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1) I'm working on about 8000 small clips that all need exporting. Everytime I export a file, iMovie crashes and then takes 5 minutes to re-load. Spent two whole days on the phone to Apple - have even re-installed iMovie and Lion. No luck.
Export how? Export Movie? Export Quicktime? Did you re-install Quicktime? Do you have any other, strange video codecs loaded?

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2) Spent a whole day last week creating about 250 small projects. Went to export them all this morning to see that 'source clip is missing' on every single one of them, even though I've done nothing, and the source clips can even be seen in the events below.
Does this help? It's for iMovie 09 but conceptually, it should be the pretty close.

Tom (... wow... so many clips! So little disk space.)