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    I am planning a trip for WDW for Fall (October) of next year, we are staying in a value resort and it is our 1st time staying in a resort at Disney, which Value resort is the best one in your view?


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    Hello and welcome!
    We like both value resorts, All Stars and Pop Century.

    If I were forced to choose, I'd go with an All Stars first, but wouldn't refuse a stay at Pop.

    All Stars rooms come across as more spacious given the way they are set up. We like the food court better at all Stars too.

    Pop is newer, but can be noisier.

    Oh, we like the pool bars at All Stars too!

    Honestly, you can't go wrong with either of the two.

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    We are big fan of pop century and would go back any time!

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    As Tink said they are both great resorts. All Star Sports is my favorite, and we'll be there at the end of October. WOO HOO

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    Over the 30 some odd trips we've taken, 90% of them have been spent at the Value resorts. They suit our needs perfectly.

    Which one, however, is up for discussion.

    The children and I prefer All Star Movies (w/ All Star Sports being a VERY close second). We love the huge Disney icons and themes and REALLY enjoy the food court.

    Jon, however, prefers (quite loudly at times) Pop Century. He's a HUGE nostalgia buff and LOVES all the memorabilia from different eras. He also, being the impatient lug that he is, LOVES that there is a dedicated bus for Pop Century Resort (during certain times of the year, the three All Star Resort often share a bus which can lead to somewhat crowded situations).

    Ultimately, I think you can't go wrong with ANY of them

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    we've only stayed at Pop Century, and we loved it!!

    As has been said, all the memorabilia is just fantastic!

    It also has a very big food court, 1 huge themed pool, another pool with 50īs music playing all the time and its own bus service

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    Thank Y'all! I think we're going to end up at the Movies Resort or Pop!!

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