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Thread: A Birds-Eye View of New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

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    Walt Disney Imagineering just shared this time-lapse video that shows the amazing progress thatís been made so far on the expansion. More importantly, this clip gives you an idea at exactly how large the expansion will be. I know Iíve said it before, but itís the biggest expansion in Magic Kingdom Park history!

    Just for your reference, the left side of the construction represents the future area of Be Our Guest Restaurant, Mauriceís Cottage, and Gastonís Tavern. The large building on the right side will house The Little Mermaid. (Storybook Circus, which is not included in the frame, will begin at the far right of this attraction).

    The attractions and other guest offerings in New Fantasyland will open in phases beginning in late 2012.

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    That is amazing.

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    Awesome! Can't wait til its complete

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