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    Stayed there Monday night and was SO impressed.

    We stayed in the Herbie building #7. Rooms 7733 and 7732. They were not adjoining which was good LOL!) bu around the corner from each other.

    Disney is actively updating these rooms. They had all the cabinets pulled out on the yard at the Toy Story building.

    Our room smelled like fresh carpet and paint. The beds were super comfy (I think due to new mattress covers). New TV stand and flat panel TV. The wallpaper was gone from the bathroom and fresh coat of paint.

    Herbie was moved to the front center of the Winner's Circle and the Winner's Circle had a misting function (saw a couple of kids happily playing around under it.

    I had never been in the cafeteria or seen the pool. Both were adorable! Fantasia Mickey presides over the pool. The cafeteria sections are decorated like different old movie theaters. As usual, the Biscuits & Gravy for ~$3.50 are a good value. Nescafe is gross. I wish they could get real coffee but understand the need to mass produce caffeine that early in the a.m.

    Next time you book, keep All-Star Movies in mind!!

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    Glad to hear you liked it Gwen, thank you for the info

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