Here's the loooong background story! Sharon, Sally and I all worked in the offices of our local water company. I left many years ago, Sally is still there as was Sharon until she had to retire due to her illness.

At Sharons funeral donations totalling 720 were given for the hospice where she was wonderfully cared for.

I arranged to go into the water company to sell our handmade cards and gifts in a bid to raise more funds, which I did yesterday and raised 100. Some people bought, some people just came along and gave me money. It was lovely as I caught up with some old faces I haven't seen for years and there were some tears for my lovely sister.

They had a 'dress down' day too where everbody wears casual clothes and donates to whichever charity is being supported on the day. For Sharon, and to coincide with the card sale, they decided to dedicate yesterday to the hospice. I don't know how much they collected yet.

Anyway, to get to the point, some people asked if I could go in again before Christmas so I MAY contact the powers that be next week to ask whether that would be possible.

If I do I think I will just go with the Christmas theme. Our past 2 sales have been cards for various occasions, cushions, knitted and crocheted shoulder bags, textile art, fabric covered trinket boxes, knitted and sequined brooches and small padded hanging fabric hearts.

Soooo, I'm wondering what sort of little handmade gifts YOU would like to see on a Christmas craft stall? :o)