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I dont mean the "proper" christmas cake, mean cupcake sort of things that people can buy to have with a cup of tea! Could you do a little cake sale type of thing too, you know like at christmas fete/jumble sale type thingy?!

Notebooks and pens sound good

What about some bookmarks? Or you could make some little jewellary and put it in the organza bags with little christmas confetti

Bookmarks, yes! I'd forgotten about those and my Mum's been knitting birthday cakes, I forgot about those too! Maybe she could do some Chrismas cakes.

Not sure if i'd be able to sell real cakes as I'd be in the staff cafe area (which is Costa Coffee...nice move costa!) but have been thinking about a tombola, will have to check whether that would be allowed though.

Finding the right location to be able sell without having huge costs on pitch fees is not easy, i thought of having one at the middle school Matthew attended but their fee was 15 or so for a table....is it me or is that crazy?

And the jewellery sounds like a nice idea too...