Hi guys,

I am quite cheese off with o2 at the moment...

I am considering upgrading my iPhone 4 to iphone 4s this Friday coming. I was told that they do have fast track and I do not qualify as my tariff is under 40.

I explained to lovely people at the store that the reason I am on the tariff (which is 35!) as I do not need high minutes call as I am Deaf and cannot use the telephone but only data blah bah...

Was told that I need to pay 280 to get out of the contract and start a brand new contract and lose the number unless I want to go through of transferring my number to pay to go and transfer it once again to my 'new' contract!!

They explained that they have changed the rules etc I tries to explain that I am not getting the best value for money on any tariff as it all included minutes. I left Orange for the very same reason.

In America AT&T have tariff which designed for Deaf people and I cannot see why other network in the UK cannot do similar.

Rant over!