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Thread: The Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion delayed opening until 14th October 2011

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    The giant fish tank at The Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion has been having problems recently.

    Trouble with the filtration systems in the tank has been causing Disney to issue various warnings on a weekly basis about the water clarity to guests and offer reassurance that the clarity of the water has no effect on the marine life.

    On October 7th Disney were forced the closure of the pavilion because of this.

    As this was not a planned maintenance closure the ride and pavilion were shut down, the Coral Reef dining facility canceled its reservations and guests were called to book elsewhere.

    Cast Members who saw the pavilion in that state say the water extremely murky and had a reddish hue due to the algae. Reports of leaks needing constant attention around the tank have also accelerated in the past six to eight months.

    Repairs at the pavilion are causing delayed 11am openings of the pavilion between October 11-14th, with several fish being held in backstage tanks for their safety during the repairs.

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    I love that pavilion!

    Hope they can fix it soon

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