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Thread: Are We Being Selfish?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beccaberry, post: 265333
    Are you kidding? I appreciate ANY reply that reiterates that my bother-in-law is selfish ;-)

    J/K - mostly.

    Thank you - everyone - for the heartfelt replies. They have absolutely put my mind to rest. As did her comment last night when we she asked about it again and then said, "That's fine. I'm planning to be at your sister's house anyway. I'll want to spend Christmas with the new baby." Seriously? Um, she wasn't even planning on being around for Christmas anyway? No. Turns out she was expecting us to drive the 4 hours to be there and accommodate everyone else - what we always do.

    The thing is, I spent my entire summer (and most of our savings) traveling around to various parts of the country visiting family who were either sick, pregnant or just "missed me." I don't regret it, it was ABSOLUTELY the right thing to do. But by the same token, it took a HUGE emotional and physical toll on our family (think Texas in July w/ a rental car where we put 1000 miles on it in 6 days) - and to be terribly honest...we all need a break. And this is, as you have all said, what we choose to do with OUR money and OUR time.

    I will absolutely offer to have an early holiday celebration, I think that's a great idea! Thank you!!

    That IS a great idea!

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    We chose to get married in Florida back in 2005, that caused sooo much trouble and i basically had 2 years of grief from quite alot of people! We still chose to go ahead and get married over there - after all it was what WE wanted. This is what all of you want - go ahead and do it!

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