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Thread: Pin Trading for children

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    Can children get involved with this, I know my children would love this. I would just worry if it the lanyards are too big for them.

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    OF course they can!

    And Im sure they will love it!

    Im not sure Ill let Tatiana do it yet, knowing her " I NEEEEEEEEEED this" "I ABSOLUTLY POSITIVELY NEEEED THIS" habit we could spend our life savings on her pins... hahahaha

    As for the lanyard length, you could always tie a knot at the back to make it a bit smaller

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    Of course kids can do it!

    Here's the link to Disney's official Pin Trading page.

    And here's the link to Disney's Pin Trading Etiquette document.

    They'll love it! You'll go broke! Perfectly normal situation.

    Tom (... don't get me started. I need another hobby like I need a hole in my head!)

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    Sure, lots of people would love to trade their children for pins.

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