What a great question! This sort of makes one take stock...hmmmm

Ok, never did Dumbo ( I know right?), Teacups, Speedway thing, Aladin's flying carpet thing. See a trend....spinning = bad.

We love Astro Orbiter though....great memories with my daughter on a very cool (maybe cold) afternoon in January. The sun was setting and it was a gettin cold on it.

Don't think we did the riverboat either.

Like other never did the Playhouse Disney thing. We did do Sounds Dangerous, ehhhh no need to do it twice. The sound effects show was better what was it Sound Studio or something...

We like the Tiki room...what is wrong with us Boy'o? Think I was orginially at the 1964 World's Fair in NY with my mom and visited it then. I do remember its a small world from that fair.