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Thread: Remind me how the shipping thing works?

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    I bought a tree last night I couldn't was small and pre-lit and ON SALE!

    Now, my question is...I did a little playing around last night and realized that I *can* slide it into my large rolling duffel bag and check it as baggage (well, I assume I can? Are there any aviation laws against christmas trees? )

    What I'd *rather* do is ship it ahead and have it meet us there. Is that possible? Will they hold it for me if it arrives early? Or should I time the mailing so that it arrives after us?

    So much to do!!! So much fun doing it!!

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    I'm pretty sure you can do either. If you send it to WDW I think all you have to do is address it to the resort and put your name and arrival date on it. You may want to give the resort a call and let them know it is coming.

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    I second what John said

    Ive sent online purchases in the past and theyve always been there when I check in

    I love the idea of having a Xmas Tree!!!

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