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Thread: Cheetahs at Busch Gardens' Cheetah Run Get A Special Halloween Enrichment

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    Cheetah, Cheetah, Pumpkin Eatah? Actually, cheetahs are strict carnivores, but the residents of Cheetah Run were curious to explore the new smells and textures that three oversized pumpkins provided this past Tuesday!


    Pumpkins were put into Cheetah Run for a special Halloween-themed enrichment for Kasi and Mtani, and Cheetah Runís adolescent female cheetahs.

    Enrichment can take many forms and is usually something different, unusual and challenging that stimulates the animals. Food and toys are used daily by zookeepers at Busch Gardens to keep the animals engaged and stimulated, both mentally and physically.


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    Awe, I love these guys. Actually out of them all, my fave is Mtani
    Thanks for the photo Wendy.

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