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Thread: Saratoga Springs Resort

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    The second shot is of the Paddock Pool and Spa area at SSR. It's just one of the pool areas.

    The beer is the first libation of the day, Purple Haze!

    The three plates and wine are from Portugal, calamari salad with fennel, chicken linguica with peppers, onions and olives, and a lovely little custard tart. The wine was a fonseca. All were very nice! The calamari was tender and the vegetables with it were mandolin thin. The olive oil used on it was a bit heavy though. I'm a fan of Sicilian olive oil and far prefer that over Spanish. It didn't ruin the dish by any means. The sausage was spicy and the combination of spice with olive was yummy. The tart was warm and not too sweet, delicious.

    The Festival signs were thrown in for atmosphere. The "barcode" download is FABULOUS by the way! It allows you to have a map of the booths, with menus, food descriptions and prices! If you have a device capable of using the barcode reader, DO IT!

    The pork slider from Hawaii was wonderful. Flavorful, a touch of spicy (in the mayo) tender pork and a hint of fruit with the pineapple. Those are worth having again!

    The last two shots are of the Paddock Pool and Spa snack bar. There is a nice selection of food and drink items there (making it more of a true counter service instead of just a snack bar).

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    Hahaha!! Nicely done (with loads of discriptors!)

    Now you've managed to make me hungry for sossidges at 5 am!! I'm not even out of the bed yet!!

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    Those little chicken linguicas were nice!!!

    Also, we had dinner at Paradiso on PI. It was a pleasant surprise. I was exhausted and didn't really feel like I wanted to return to EPCOT (the original plan) so we headed to Raglan Road. It was busy with a 45 minute wait and the Boy was hungry (he'd been swimming all afternoon) so we tried Paradiso.

    YUMMY! The service was very nice with a knowledgeable server who took true interest in our dining experience. The music was fun, with a live DJ and not stupid loud. I had a combination dinner that featured skirt steak, chorizo, and chicken flautas with black beans and rice, Herself had a burger with fries, and the Boy had "double dogs" (hot dog, with bite sized corn dogs and fries). He also had one of my flautas. All was hot, fresh and nicely prepared. We'll return.

    The best part though? EXCELLENT margaritas (to vie with the Cava in Mexico ) and they do tequila flights. We tried one (an organic tequila) for dessert.

    An enjoyable evening overall.

    We are leaving today, of course but plan on going back to EPCOT for lunch before we head home.

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    Oooh!! Paradiso sounds promising! Can you explain a bit where it's located? It's not ringing a bell for some reason, but certainly sounds worth a visit!

    So glad your day/dining went better yesterday than the day before! Cheers for another lovely day today before heading back!

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    It's on Pleasure Island (if you are headed to the West Side, it will be on your right). It's on the hill area. Can't honestly remember which shops used to be where it now is. It's before you get to the old Adventurer's Club. At the foot of the restaurant (there is outdoor seating) there is the dock to the ferry that takes you to and from SSR...

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    Oh and it's proper name is Paradiso 37.

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    I will definitely be on the lookout for it!

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    Thank you for sharing.

    The slider looks very nice - is the pork as tasty as Yellowdog though the chicken linguica looks delicious as well, hopefully they will still be there next year

    Has my little man eaten anything sweet and delicious for me yet

    We've looked at Paradiso 37 before, but it has always been very busy, so we've ended up at Cookes of Dublin Maybe we will have to wait next time, Chris will have the the burger that's for sure he's very predictable

    I think Paradiso is opposite where the Harley Davidson store was and there is a watch store opposite it, you can't miss is Becca.

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    Your boys didn't go with us Wendy! They were at MK, and when they met up with us in the afternoon (so his Da could go to work) we were all tired and came back to SSR. I relaxed and Herself took the Boy to the pool.

    We'll head back today for lunch so he can have his escargot (those buttery bread things, as he calls them) and whatever else takes his fancy.

    No, the pork couldn't hold a candle to Yellow Dog, but it was nice enough. They are quite popular, those sliders. We saw folks with two and three on their plates.

    Today is gloriously sunny and isn't expected to get over 75 degrees. PERFECT for the park!

    We're packing up now, and will be headed out shortly.

    May send more photos, too!

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    The wind was blowing with good gusts so taking photos became more than a challenge...

    We had some lovely bites today:
    Argentina has a delicious steak with chimichurri sauce. The boy declared the boniato puree as good a mashed potatoes.

    Brazil's black bean and pork (sausage) dish is nice. Has the feel of comfort food on a cold night.

    We really enjoyed the sausage and pretzel bread at Germany. The sausage was tender and not in those snappy casings. The pretzel bread was tender with just enough salt sprinkled on top.

    The kefta pocket sandwich at Morocco was yummy if a little heavy on the cumin (for me).

    The Escargot were a real disappointment this time. They were dried out and the bread was as dark as it gets without being burnt black. Crunchy and all the lovely garlic butter sauce was absorbed into (and heated out of) the bread.

    The lamb slider was nice. I'm not a fan of the cold tomato chutney, but the boy and Herself like it quite well.

    We had more of the pork sliders from Hawaii. They are YUMMY!!!!!

    Oh, and the empanada was quite nice too. The beef is nicely spiced with just a hint of cinnamon.

    We never did taste any desserts! LOL.

    We may stop back next weekend for a bite more here and there.

    We were well pleased this year. Efforts have clearly been made to keep temperatures at pleasant levels (hot is hot, and cold is cold - NICE ) and to keep the lines moving.

    We didn't try anything at Italy (we make that at home) Poland (same old, same old and we make that at home too) Ireland (nothing new, so we'll have some next time if we want) China (nothing new) Japan (we wanted to, just ran out of belly space ) USA (make it at home...) Norway (Scandinavia... we can get bags of Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam at IKEA ) Canada (can't get past the smell of the nasty fish ) or Mexico.

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