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Thread: Saratoga Springs Resort

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    Whhoooohoooo! The WiFi works like a charm.

    Won't stay on long, Herself and The Boy are rolling their eyes at me!

    Will try to drop in and update... take care!

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    Here are some photos Tink asked me to post [ATTACH]9651.vB[/ATTACH][ATTACH]9652.vB[/ATTACH][ATTACH]9653.vB[/ATTACH]
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Beautiful view!!!

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    So pretty!! Just looking at the pictures made me all relaxed..

    ..and now I'm sad. Maybe we should go when the baby turns 1..

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    Lovely photos!! Enjoy!!

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    Thank you Keith! They turned out nicer than I could tell... hard to get a feel for perspective on a cell camera.

    We browsed around the resort. Herself is trying to convince me to have an Adirondack Stone Massage... not sure I want to spend the money.

    We picked up a couple of DVDs in case we needed something to do in villa tonight.

    We took the ferry over to DTD. It goes from SSR to PI. Walked to the Marketplace. Bought some bath stuff at Basin, had the free chocolate (well they did) from Ghirardelli (milk chocolate with pumpkin caramel filling today) and then poked around in a couple of shops. It's been raining lightly since we "landed" at PI so we've had the umbrellas up.

    Not real sure what we're going to do for dinner as we've scratched the idea of EPCOT tonight. Maybe the Turf Room?

    Heard from our friend Mike who is a CM over at BLT. He said the place is crawling with cops and told us to walk in from MK if we wanted to see him. We'll probably forego trying to connect with him tonight.

    Once the rain stops and we head off to something other than DTD I'll try to send Keith more photos.

    Take care now!!!

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    It's like being there with you

    The photos are really good from your cell, what happened to your camera

    So what does he think of the resort so far

    I wonder what sort of convention it is if there are lots of cops around

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    Looks great so far Tink. Wonder what is up with all the cops. Have a ball.

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    It's the Florida Democratic Convention. Joe Biden is there.

    Seth likes the resort well enough but in his words, "It's not Old Key West."

    We went to the Turf Room for dinner this evening. Due to the rain, we had a change in plans so decided to go there. I wanted a quiet table service place... it wasn't. Quiet that is.

    The menu is very limited. Herself had chicken, the boy had a cheeseburger and his Da and I had a Surf and Turf burger (a hamburger with lobster on it).

    Can't say as we were too thrilled. Herself's was served floating in broth, and the potatoes were not completely cooked. I sent my fries and the boy's cheeseburger back as they were both cold. By the time my fries were brought out, and the boy's new cheeseburger we were full. The server tried, but she really just didn't seem to be trained too well. Friendly by all means, but she just simply couldn't get things together.

    The place has terrible acoustics. There was a screaming (not crying, screaming) child who had a piercing voice. We could not wait until they left!

    So, dinner was ho hum, and we won't plan on returning, but we survived. The rain had let up by the time dinner was over, but we were all tired so we returned to the villa and watched Tangled. I think Herself and the boy enjoyed it quite a bit!

    We're playing tomorrow by ear. Supposed to rain in the morning. We're hoping to be in EPCOT though by noon and hoping too that the rain will stop.

    Talk with you all later!

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    I love live reports!

    Hope the weather improves for you!

    DH had the lobster burger at the Grand Floridian Cafe and said it was the best burger he has ever had!


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