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Thread: Weather in December?

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    I can not believe it's only 33 days away. I could seriously burst from excitement and true to me promise, I have continued to keep it a secret from my children!

    We are staying at Coronado Springs the first full week of December. I have checked the last few years of weather and it seems to be a bit warmer than our temps in NC. Can anyone offer a better idea? Is it t-shirt-with-a-sweatshirt-over-it type weather? Should we take heavier jackets for the Christmas party??

    Additionally, I have heard that the pools are heated - it's December though. Should I pack bathing suits??

    Any and all information is so appreciated!
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    I truly LOVE December at Disney

    The summer months are too hot for me and I find December must more bearable.

    I think the key to December is "layers" it can start out warm-hot then be amazingly cool at night! So if you plan on taking some layers, you can add/remove as you need.

    The pools would normally be fine during the day at least and very possibly the evening
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    Layers are the key. Some days will be warm, nearly hot but you could run into "needed a jacket all day" weather.

    Florida weather is nothing but inconsistent!

    The pools are heated, and you could bring swimsuits, however getting out of those heated pools is a trick!

    Hope this helps a bit.

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    Id take a bit of everything if i were you, one morning you will get up and it be hot then they next morning you can head out and end up with goosepimples! We've always managed to go to the waterparks in december, but you cant really plan which day you go on cus of the inconsistent weather!
    December is lovely there, i'm absolutely dreadful with the heat and end of Nov - beginning of Dec is just perfect!

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    My one experience at Disney during Dec was crazy with regards to the weather. I took a short trip and all 3 days it was freezing, not quite freezing, but high 30's at night and low 40's in the morning. It was very cold. No one was ready for that type of weather, so Disney sold a lot of coats, blankets, and sweatshirts.

    Can you imagine taking those little boats from WL to MK with the weather being that chilly. We were all huddling down in attempt to avoid the wind.

    All that being said, bring layers.

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