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Thread: Live Trip Report - Sat 29 - Mon 31 Oct

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    I thought i'd trip to do a live (ish) trip report while Simon and I are out here at the moment on our hols

    Saturday 29th October

    We didn't stay at Gatwick the night before on this trip due to Simon working late Friday, so of course I was in panic mode Saturday morning, worrying about the M25, would we get to Gatwick on time. Thankfully we sailed through the M25 (I know, shock hey!) and we arrived at Gatwick long stay car park for 9am.

    Car parked, jumped on a bus over to the terminal. We had completed online check in the night before so only had to drop our bags, this proved a bit of a mission. Virgin now have the idea that it would be easier for people to check in via their unmanned booths and then queue to do bag drop, so we joined the line, it took us about half an hour to get to a very miserable Virgin rep, who tagged our bags and then told us to take them away and take them over to the luggage trolleys ourselves, hmmm what do they paid the Virgin check in people for now

    Anyway, bags dropped, we got through security pretty quickly, am liking the new layout of the security, seems a lot quicker now and were in the departure lounge by around 10.30am. Our flight was called around 11.45am and we made our way to Gate 13, where we found our plane waiting for us.


    We pushed back from the gate on time at 1pm and were up in the air in no time.


    Unfortunately the flight was awful, so much turbulence and it took nearly 10 hours to get to Orlando, nearly an hours delay. Of course this put paid to a quick trip through immigration and the car hire queue. It took us 3 hours to get out of the airport.

    We eventually left the airport around 8.30pm and arrived at our hotel, the Best Western Orlando Convention Centre Hotel (near Seaworld) which was our home for the first two nights. This hotel is lovely, it was very reasonable price wise and was a great location for Seaworld and we had a free breakfast too.

    We went to Dennys on I-Drive for dinner, but we were both really shattered after such a long flight and delays, so eventually fell into bed around 10.30pm.

    Sunday 30th October

    Today we were visiting Seaworld. We gave it a miss on our last trip so its been a couple of years since we last visited.


    Simon and I have been on a weight loss drive for the last few months each having lost over 3 stone, so we were determined to ride the rollercoasters that we had never been able to do before. First up was Manta, the jury is still out on this one, didnt really like the feeling of "flying" as they call it, I just didn't feel safe hanging there and it made poor Simon feel really sick and he is a coaster monster, so it must have been bad.


    From there we headed to Kraken, now this was AWESOME!! We both loved it and would definately ride again, and we didn't have to queue for either.


    After feeling really proud of ourselves for filling being able to fit on the coasters (big grins all round) we went round to watch Blue Horizons. I LOVE this show, it always makes me an emotional wreck and I want to cry happy tears


    After this we just took our time wandering round the park enjoying ourselves.


    In the evening we went for a wandering round Downtown Disney and a bit of shopping.

    Monday 31st October

    This morning we were checking into Old Key West for 11 nights. We were eager to get over to Disney so checked out of the Best Western and drove over to OKW, we were able to check in too, so had our room by 10am which was great. The rooms have been renovated since our last trip.


    As we had tickets for MNSSHP this eveing, we had an easy morning. We went to Prime Outlets for a bit of shopping, I managed to come out with 4 pairs of Crocs, we also got two pairs of trainers. We worked it out that we paid around 18 for each pair of shoes, bargains!

    We got back to the room around 4pm, had a little rest and then started to get ready for the halloween party. We've never done this before so we really looking forward to it. We both had something to wear for the evening too.


    We both really enjoyed the party, were able to do some rides, saw the parade and Hallowishes was amazing. We left around 11.30pm. A few photos below


    Finally, our candy stash that we collected


    More to follow of our trip over the following days
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    I loved reading this - thank you for taking the time to do it!

    Well done for losing all that weight, 3st is a huuuuge amount - how did you do it?! SW is one of my favourite parks, most of the time im sat gulping back happy tears whilst watching the shows so youre not alone! I loved Manta, thought it was great - and Kraken is my all time favourite coaster i think - along with Sheikra and ToT!

    Disney looks fab at Halloween, ive never really seen photos of it before

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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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    First off...thank you so much for the live trip report!! It's amazing "being there" with you!

    Second off...well done on the weight loss!!!

    The photos are great, I can't wait for more!

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    Lovely report! Thank you for the photos!

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