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This year I'm having Mum, Martin and Daniel for dinner....probably do turkey crown, roasties, carrots, sprouts, parsnips, stuffing, bread sauce, cranberry sauce and gravy. Still trying to decide on desserts, one option will have to be christmas pudding of course! I also usually make a flan with clementines which the boys love.

Mmmm, warm mince pies with brandy butter...yum!

We also let the boys open a present on Christmas Eve as I used to when I was young, and yes we also have new PJ's!

I'll have to do dinner fairly early as I'm also hosting the evening family get together but I think instead of having mountains of food I'll just do a cheese board and meat platter with crusty bread and butter and pickles.

I usually try to have a snuggly evening in the week leading up to the day with finger food or pizza and a Christmas film, Christmas tree lighting and the fire on so we're nice and cosy!

I know we're dreading those 2 empty spaces in our hearts but I believe we'll all pull together as usual and crack on with it.
That sounds wonderful! I know it will be tough Mairead, we're doing much the same on Christmas night. Hopefully I'll have put aside enough cookies and pies for Christmas night. I just saw a clip on tv for a gingerbread triffle that looks easy and good. Pretty too. Now however my brother may have to work Christmas night