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Thread: New Years Eve Fireworks

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    Hi Everyone

    We are going to be at WDW on New Years Eve but do not want to stay in a park until midnight, does anyone have any suggestions for where to go to see the best fireworks outside of a park? Maybe also a restaurant as well.

    This will be our first trip to WDW so any suggestions would be welcome!! Also this is my first ever entry to the world of forums!!



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    Head to EPCOT. They do fireworks twice, once around 8-9 PM (one year 7) and once at midnight.

    You won't have to stay in the park all day. EPCOT is huge and we usually don't get there until about 5 pm. It's been very busy, but we've always gained entry (even when the approach signs said it was full).

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    Thanks, really appreciate the help here and I think this is what we will do!

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    If your staying at one of the Magic Kingdom resorts they have good viewing of the
    fireworks from the Kingdom. Also Board walk has a good view of the EPCOT fireworks Enjoy

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