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Thread: Disney Enchanted Christmas At Disneyland Paris By Numbers

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    • 365 days of the year that guests can shop for Christmas and other holiday merchandise at La Boutique du Château (Fantasyland).

    • It takes 4 nights to dismantle the Halloween season decorations and overlay to transform Main Street, U.S.A. for our Christmas Season.

    • 86 real Christmas trees in the Disneyland Park.

    • 500 light bulbs illuminate the tinsel on the tree

    • 850 various decorations (Christmas baubles, figures, candy canes, toy soldiers, drums and red bows) decorate the Christmas tree above Town Square.

    • The Christmas tree above Town Square towers 24 meters high (from the grass to the star on the top) and weighs over more than 24 tons.

    • 60 000 LED for the lights on the roof of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

    • The Santa Claus float weighs around 6 tons.

    • 100 percent chance of snow falling on Main Street, U.S.A. each day.

    • 8200 liters of soap are used during the Christmas season to make an effect of snow.

    • More than 200 dolls will celebrate the end-of-the year holidays with specially-made costumes at "it's a small world" Celebration.

    • More than 100 new costumes have been especially created for this new Christmas season.
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