Monday Morning, October 31, it is Halloween, but we arenít dressing up in any costumes. We want to be on the road to Disney by 10:00. We almost made that time, getting started just a little late after a nice breakfast of eggs, breakfast meats (sausage, bacon, ham), toast and coffee. David is not known to be an early riser but he was up a lot earlier than usual this AM, as he will be for the next week.

We are off to see the Mouse. The drive down takes about 2 Ĺ hours. We head to DTD where I hit the bank to get some cash. Then we are over to the Market Place where Donna and I pick up our APs, our MVMCP tickets and our Tables in Wonderland (TIW) card. After doing that we walk over to the Margarita Bar and we each have a Margarita (Davidís first, even though he used to be a bartender). From there we drove over to Shades of Green, where, using my government ID and Davidís Florida Driverís License, we are able to get him a 4 day, non-park hopper for $160, quite a savings. From SOG we drive over to All Star Sports where we will stay this first week. We are assigned Hoops building 3, second floor. We also pick up our tickets for Hoop Dee Doo Revue. Now Davidís room is supposed to have a refrigerator in it for his medication but it isnít there and the A/C in our room isnít working. A couple of calls to the Front Desk soon got both problems remedied. The refrigerator was delivered first and then our A/C got fixed. It seems as though the previous occupants had requested the A/C to be turned off and housekeeping had not turned it back on. After getting settled we went back to DTD to walk around a little, so that David could see some of it. From there it was over to Fort Wilderness for our show. We had reservations for the 7:15 show and we were one row back from the stage, in the center. The show was not sold out and no one had to sit up stairs. We enjoyed the standard fare of fried chicken, ribs, mashed potatoes, buttered sweet corn, baked beans, corn bread, and of course that luscious strawberry shortcake to cap of the meal. The new show was very good. David got picked to participate and was selected to play Davy Crockettís Angel. He danced across the stage in a tutu.

We drove back to our resort where we turned in for the night.

Rest easy folks, there will be pictures as soon as we can get them sorted.