Saturday November 5th. Today is check out day. I go over to the food court and bring back pastries and coffee for Donna and me. David opts only for Chocolate milk. He worries me because he is Diabetic but he doesnít eat properly. We take our time packing and call luggage assistance for pickup and delivery later at Coronado Springs. Then it is off to the train station in Kissimmee to send David back home. The train is just a bit late departing but he is on his way to Jacksonville where MIL will pick him up. As I type this his train should be arriving shortly. Donna and I head back to CS for check in, stopping for a quick drive through meal at Burger King. Our room is ready when we arrive and again as I type she is sleeping, or at least trying to. Our luggage has just been delivered. We are supposed to have dinner tonight at Maya Grill, where a CM friend of ours is working. However, her asthma, which rarely affects her when we are in FL, is really acting up so Iím not sure she will be able to eat. I hope she is a lot better by tomorrow because we are supposed to be having dinner at the Yachtsman, where again we will be seeing a CM friend of ours.

Sunday Morning November 6th. I forgot to mention that for some reason we have been assigned a handicap room. It has a zero entry shower but no hooks to hang anything in the bathroom. The bed is king sized but very low to the floor. There is a ceiling fan in the room with, as Donna says, two speeds, hurricane and gale. I donít know how a handicapped person could even reach the chain though as it is very short. The room does have free Wi-Fi, however, it doesnít work with the Windows Vista Operating System which I just happen to have, so I am plugged in, still free and appears to be relatively fast. I did have to call for some support and they talked me through turning off asking for the IP address automatically and setting hard addresses for both the IP and the DNS servers. For some reason after I did this my system thought I was now located in Brazil. As a result a couple of things I tried to do couldnít be done due to US Copyright laws.

We went to dinner last night, though Donna was still not up to par. She did manage to eat some Black Bean Soup. Unfortunately she forgot to take her camera so there wonít be any food pictures later. I had Salmon a la Plancha - pan seared and tequila glazed salmon with boniato and chorizo mashed potatoes. Iím not a real big fan of Salmon but our server CM friend recommended it and it was very tasty. I also tried their Margarita sampler which consisted of small servings of Blueberry Mango with fresh basil and hibiscus salt, a pineapple margarita with lemon grass salt, a hibiscus margarita again with hibiscus salt, a standard margarita with the lemon grass salt and finally a jalapeno margarita with cucumber and once again hibiscus salt. I guess Iím just a traditionalist as I didnít really care for most of them. The blueberry mango with basil was tasty but I donít think I could drink a whole one. After dinner we retired to our room.