I can't believe it's Friday again, time seems to be flying by, just think, one month today and it will be Christmas Day

I am so far behind this year it is crazy, I've normally got the majority of presents and some of them have even been wrapped...........but this year, I only have a few and a very long list of things I need to buy.

What have we been up to this week well not a lot really I've been fed up just lately, I haven't really had much interest in anything

We met a friend we haven't seen for a long time on Tuesday evening, it was really nice to catch up with her again

On Wednesday, I had a phone call to say that Livvy (my friend's daughter) had fallen over in school and has fractured her wrist :( Poor little sweetheart, she was giving someone a piggy back and she tripped. She said they only good thing was that she didn't have to do her homework because she couldn't write

Chris was in Exeter working so he called in and gave her a card, Tinkerbell magazine and a bar chocolate, she asked if her mummy had told him, so he said no and she thought he was magic because he knew what had happened - oh the innocence of the young

We were supposed to be going to Cardiff on Saturday for a shopping trip, to see George Michael, stay in the hotel overnight and more shopping on the way home on Sunday. As the concert has been postponed because he is ill, we've cancelled the hotel so we're not going now :(

I might book a table and go out for lunch on Sunday , we haven't done that for ages :D

So then, what have you all been up to, are you doing anything nice this weekend