This afternoon we learnt that our dear friend Mick ( ukwdwnut ) had passed away suddenly today.

Mick helped me setup wdisneysecrets and without his prodding "Keith is it working YET????????" I'm not sure we'd have ever got off the ground.

Mick was waiting for a double heart and lung transplant, but yet despite that he continued to be the same upbeat Mick we knew and loved. Even a few days ago he was talking about what he was going to do with his "new life".

I'm not sure when I first met Mick but it feels like forever ago and I feel like I've lost someone whom I just assumed would always be there.

For the rest of us, we're left with wonderful memories of Mick and a reminder to think of those we just assume will always be with us and give them an extra special call/visit/hug.

RIP Mick, I bet you're telling Steve Jobs exactly why Windows was better than Mac and knowing you, you're winning! We'll miss you! Our thoughts, hopes and prayers tonight are with Denise and the children. xx