This is a once-only offer never to be repeated anywhere. For just $200 you - yes I'm talking to you - will have the opportunity to sponsor a complete 24 hours of Dawn's 2010 Disney trip. Just $200 gets you a whole 24 hours of the joy of knowing I'm having a wicked time at Walt Disney World. Subscribe to the trip sponsorship now and you will have a day assigned to you and you only. There will be no sharing of days. This is a 14 day vacation so unfortunately only the first 14 sponsors will be successful. So each day will be sponsored by a unique individual or business and you will be rewarded with 24 hours of free advertising. Yes I am prepared, at my own expense and risk, to wear a different t-shirt every day bearing the slogan front and back - Dawn's 2010 Disney Trip: today (insert date) is being sponsored by (insert your name here). I will be photographed on a ride of your choice wearing the t-shirt announcing your support of this project. I will eat in the restaurant of your choice wearing your name front and back and will even purchase theme park related merchandise while letting the world know that you helped get this project to fruition.

Do not miss this opportunity. Contact for full details on how to make this a reality. Remember there are only 14 of these available and it's first come first served.