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Thread: Hello my name is Lauren, the proud daughter of Mick aka Ukwdwnut

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    Hi everyone,

    Ive been staring at this screen for about half hour trying to think of what I should say so Im just going to write what first comes into my head or I'll be here all day!!

    This morning, my mum, my brother and I recieved some lovely flowers from the mod team at disney secrets. We know my dad was always on this site and he was always on at me to join as Im just as crazy about all things disney but I never have the time.

    Ive read all your kind messages about my lovely dad, and it makes me smile to know that he was thought so much of on here.

    My Dad was my best friend, and ive read some of the lovely things he's said about me on here. Nothing he hadnt already said to me in person, but how lovely of him to share it with you guys.

    He bloody loved my car, and what he didnt know was that it was his next birthday present. He had his own set of keys for it and the amount of times I'd come home from work to find my car was missing, my heart would sink thinking it had been stolen then I'd see my dads car in its place with the mickey mouse ears on the aerial. Then I'd see my mum and dad pull up with the roof down, I called them barbie and ken!

    As Im more than certain you all must know (he would tell everyone that would listen) , We have a big trip for 2014 planned for after his operation. As he sadly didnt get this chance, we are still going to go in his honour and were going to do all the things he wanted to do. So, Im going to need all your help in planning this trip!

    Lastly, I just wanted to say that I want you all to know that my Dad was my hero. He got me through the tough times, he encouraged me to fulfil my dreams and he made me laugh my head off. I feel so incredibly lucky to say that Im his daughter and I would, and did, do everything I can to make him proud.

    Thank you for all the thoughts and support to myself, my mum and my brother. We are so grateful.

    Much love,

    little ukwdwnut xxx

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    Lauren your dad was so loved her he has left a big void for all of us here

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    Hi Lauren.
    It`s great to see that you have had the courage to visit the site where your Dad was held in such high esteem as you can see from the tributes made to him.
    Your Dad spoke a lot about you and your family on here and I know that he was mad about cars.
    I am currently building a kit car and Mike was very interested in its progress right from the beginning when I sold my "Sunday car" to fund it....heck he even thought about you when I mentioned that this car was for sale.

    It`s great to see that you will still be visiting Florida and I am sure that your Dad will be right with you throughout your trip.
    As you are part of our family, I hope that you visit our site as often as you can to pick up [hopefully ] some usefull tips to make the most of your visit to Florida when the time comes.

    Take care and love to you all.

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    Aw bless your heart as it must hurt so bad right now Love to you all XXXXXX It's hard to type as the screen is a bit blurry right now
    I am a fully fledged member of the Pastafarian Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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    Hi Lauren!

    Normally at his point I'd say something really welcoming but right now, words kind of fail me.

    Although I never actually met your dad, I still considered him a friend. A good one at that. He always spoke of you and your family so fondly. I know you're devastated. Take a little bit of solace in the knowledge that there are other people, all over the world, that share a little bit of your pain.

    Come on back to the site as often as you'd like. It would be our honor to help you and your family plan your trip to the place your dad loved so much.

    Bless you and your family little ukwdwnut.

    Tom (... one of Mick's friends from across the pond.)

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    Lauren honey, your dad was a very special man who I'm proud to call my friend!! I've known him for years because of his love of all things Disney and he will be missed more than I can even put into words.

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    Lauren my love, bless you for having the courage to come here. I absolutely know how difficult that would have been for you

    Your precious Dad was so very, very proud of you all and it's good to hear you still plan to make that trip in his honour. I'll miss him around here.

    Do come back when you feel ready, but for now my thoughts are with you all.

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    Lauren, it's so lovely to see you here
    We feel like we know you already and you are most welcome to make this site home for your Disney plans.

    We all miss your dad too and my heart goes out to you and your family. We are all here if you ever need a shoulder.

    I know I shall think of your dad in a couple of weeks when I watch illuminations at Epcot.

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    Hello Lauren

    I feel like I know you already having spoken to your Dad for many years online. He spoke of you so very often in the most glowing terms. I remember thinking that if I had a Dad who was half as proud of me as yours that I would be a very lucky girl What a precious relationship to have had

    You know how larger than life your Dad is, and so he will always be remembered and missed. He had already started planning your next WDW holiday on here and was so excited, and we were loving the planning with him. It's beautiful that you are still going to go, and carry on with his plans.

    You are part of the Secrets family Lauren, so anytime you want to talk for any reason, we are here. Much love and comfort to you at this difficult time. Big hugs to you, little ukwdwnut xxx

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    Lauren, im really glad you've joined the forum You're dad was a wonderful man, i never had the pleasure of meeting him but had talked to him for many years online, he was just lovely - and sooooo proud of you!
    Im really pleased you are going to Florida in memory of him, he will be there with you im sure of that

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