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Thread: A new Star at Secrets in Memory of Mick - ukwdwnut

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    Mick will be missed by us all, he was a very special person here at Secrets and we will always have our memories, but the thought of him not being with us anymore is very raw and too difficult for us to comprehend right now.

    We have tried to think of a way that Mick could be with us here at Secrets always, something that would be special and appropriate.

    Some of you may have already noticed, but if you look to the left of the Castle in the banner, you will see a bright star; this star is in honour of our Mick. He will be with us always watching over the Castle, Mickey and Minnie and all of us.

    So when you are next at the Magic Kingdom watching Wishes, and the song starts think of our Mick:

    Star light, star bright
    First star I see tonight
    I wish I may, I wish I might
    Have the wish, I wish tonight..........

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    Mick. How do you find words adequate to the task of describing this genuine spirit? Loved his children? Beyond all means and endless. Loved his wife? Utterly.

    He was joyful, spirited, full of laughter and full of life. He only ever wanted everyone to get along and worked so very diligently to please everyone who came here.

    Without Mick, this site would not have become the warm and dedicated to friendship place that it has.

    As Keith worked so hard to give us this place to come together, Mick did the calling out to us, to come and join him and Keith here at this place of love and friendship.

    So now his star shines on, forever and fully. He sends beams of joy, and friendship over Secrets, the members, the new people who will come, and always and forever his family.

    Miss you Mick? More than our minds can fathom at this point. You are here with us though, and the love and friendship you brought us shines on forever.

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    Blurry screen What a lovely thing to do for Mick.
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    Fitting and lovely.

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    Well done Mods....well done. Thank you Wendy!

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    Great tribute Tink and good job on the star folks.

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    thank you! I think he would like it

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    Beautiful and so fitting.

    I have booked to have my tribute done this Saturday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esmeralda, post: 268300
    Blurry screen .
    Mine too...

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    Oh goodness that is lovely. X

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