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Herself and I slipped away for a mini break yesterday. We went to Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island and had the most peaceful time.

Our hotel room was lovely and had a fireplace. We enjoyed that while watching Green Bay lose. Ahhhh, small pleasures.

We had a fairly nice seafood dinner at a local restaurant. Not wonderful, but nice enough.

I bought Herself a t-shirt. :D It's a thing with us. No matter where we go I try to find her the most unusual t-shirt. She has loads as you can imagine so it's getting harder to find something unique.

Found on in a Celtic shop. :D "Tis Herself. Any questions?" You KNOW I had to get it!!

Poked around some antique shops. Found a wonderful old telescope with brass fittings that came off a ship. Just beautiful!

Made our way home slowly, stopping here and there.

Well worth the gas money.
*sigh* I love to read posts like this of yours...they calm me...it's almost like I'm there...