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Thread: Tropical Fish! - My new hobby :)- photo heavy

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    Yum... runs off to get fishing rod, tartar sauce and frying pan >>>>>>>>
    I am a fully fledged member of the Pastafarian Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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    I love fish... they are so serene to watch and given the opportunity, I could lose hours doing so.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful fish with us.

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    Wow, our resident animal and sky photographer is now the new Fish Photographer!


    So pretty, and would instantly lower any anxiety I would have.

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    Beautiful photos Chris - as always! We used to have tropical fish too, if you can use rain water its (or was at that time) by far the best We had some angel fish that grew huuuuge, we had to rehome them in the end as they got too big for our tank (it was a marine tank too so plenty of room!) and the catfish went with them, he was about 6inches if i remember rightly.

    My mum bought some Danio's, they werent in the tank 10mins when we saw a tail sticking out of the angel fish's mouth dont get danio's with your angel fish!!

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    Yep its a real challenge getting all the fish in a communiity to get on together but thankfully there are some great websites that tell you i a sec if there will be any problems , save the odd psychotic fish

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    We've had tropical fish for about 15 years now, The tank is Bob's and he loves fussing with it.

    At the moment though, we have goldfish because grandpa made the mistake of taking Zach with him to pick up a couple of fish. What my dear husband didn't know was that goldfish need cold water and he ummm......ended up sort of cooking the GF in the water set for tropical fish. We had to turn the heater off and wait till it cooled down and then I had to go spend another $25 to replace all the fancy tailed GF before Zach noticed.

    The 5 GF are ALL named George by the way

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