Jon received a bit of a promotion at work, and while it will be fantastic in terms of FUNDING our fun little trips, it has thrown the tiniest of monkey wrenches into his being able to join us for the entire holiday. While I adore Jon more than you know, I must say I am beyond excited that I will have a few days alone with my children. Before Jon and I became a couple, Andrew, Baleigh and I had become very close and fancied ourselves something of the Three Musketeers; and while we love having Jon in our lives, it is sometimes nice to be able to devote my time solely to the kids. So the kids and I will have a couple of days “to ourselves” and then our “family” will enjoy Christmas at Disney!

So then, Just in case you feel like stalking, living vicariously or helping me think of anything I might have forgotten...


15Arrive at MCO!! DME to All Star Sports! No park tonight due to our late afternoon arrival - dinner at Beaches & Cream followed by a wander around the Boardwalk.
16 Lazy morning at the resort, breakfast, some swimming (weather permitting), decorating the room (and door/window if it's still allowed), putting up the MULTICOLORED tree (ok, ok, UNFOLDING the MULTICOLORED tree :-) ) MVMCP at 4:00 w/ dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern during the party (I LOVE THIS COMBINATION!)
17 Up and out early for EMH at DHS (fingers crossed for FP's for Toy Story Mania) Sci-Fi Diner for dinner (the kids LOVE this place).
18 EPCOT! First stop, fulfilling Baleigh's Christmas wish of purchasing a PICKLE for our tree. We've decided to pick out an ornament each day of our trip to add to our tree. I think they'll make great memories in the years to come. Lunch today is at Andrew's fave spot - Chefs de France (he can't get enough of the grilled cheese sandwich, and I LOVE the quiche). Then, it's EMH at DHS until 11pm (hoping to avoid some crowds for ToT and RnRC :-)
19 Early morning at AK, late night at MK (1:00am); no dining plans, probably a counter service kind of day (Suggestions?)
20 FULL DAY, TODAY! EMH at EPCOT, where I will grudgingly fulfill Andrew's Christmas wish of a family viewing of Captain EO followed by lunch at the Rose & Crown (CP Package) and a few viewings of the World Showcase Storytellers. 5:00pm - Candlelight Processional w/ Trace Adkins (LOVE!). Afterwards, the kids are flying solo for the evening while Jon and I enjoy a romantic dinner at his favorite spot - Flying Fish (where his Christmas wish of bleu cheese olives will come true ;-) )
21 No am plans other than sleeping off our food coma from the night before…and preparing for yet another tonight when we will once again have the pleasure of dining at Yachtsman Steakhouse with our favorite server and dear friend, Ricardo.
22 EMH at MK if we can pry ourselves out of bed early enough…dinner tonight at Boatwrights followed by an evening of fun and merriment w/ YeeHaw Bob at POR.
23 Another jampacked day! For lunch we will be trying the new “A Taste of Hollywood to Go!” counter service meal w/ Fantasmic package. The menu looks tasty and I love the idea of being able to get preferred seating for Fantasmic without having to burn a table credit. We chose the late showing, so first we’ll head over to ‘Ohana for an early dinner followed by the fulfillment of Jon’s second Christmas wish – Fantasmic (“because I like fire, fire is cool”) at 8pm. Exiting by way of the Spectacle of Lights, followed PERHAPS (if we’re not knackered) by a trip over to EPCOT for EMH until 12:30.
24 CHRISTMAS EVE! A bit of a relaxing morning, followed by Mama Melroses for dinner and a “stroll” (cattle call?) through the Osborne Lights (with our nifty holographic glasses!) We will have the traditional “opening of the Christmas pajamas” (every year since the kids were born) a few sweets and treats and then we’re off to bed for…
25 Christmas DAY! Beginning with the opening of a few stocking stuffers from around the World Showcase (GREAT idea, Tink!), followed by Breakfast at Whispering Canyon Café. We MAY try to visit a park depending on crowds, or we may just monorail around and visit the resorts. Lunch will be at the Grand Floridian Café followed by a late evening sleigh ride through Fort Wilderness Campgrounds
26 Homeward Bound w/ LOADS of new memories.