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Thread: Yummy cheesecake factory bread

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    Does anyone know whats in that yummy cheesecake factory brown bread (with bits in it) which they bring when you first sit down? I couldve eaten it allll day
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    I love that bread so I asked and I was told that it is Honey Wheat Bread, I've looked for it in different places and I've never managed to find it

    I've even looked for a recipe and I couldn't find a decent one that tasted the same.

    The server gave me some extra to take away, it didn't last very long though

    Hhhmm, I wonder of Yalaha Bakery sell it Keith it's in the sat nav and their bread and cakes are delicious, they also sell hand made sandwiches as well. It's a nice little drive if you fancy a trip

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    There is a branch of Yalaha Bakery on Orange Ave in Orlando now too. However, it's well worth the ride to go to the original in Yalaha...

    Not sure about the bread,but maybe google the recipe, or come right out and ask the server if you can get a copy (or email the store...)?

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    huh I thought it was pumpernickel bread. I love that bread!

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