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Thread: Another iPad question

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    My iPad won't let me download Adobe Flash Player. As a result I also can't do the daily Sudoku in my local newspaper. Does anyone have a work around for this?

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    This is one thing that annoys me about the iPad and iPhone, will be interesting to see if there is a way around it. Sorry I'm not much help on things like this.

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    That's correct John. You can't use Flash on the iPad. But Adobe has dropped support for the mobile version of Flash anyway opting instead to base their future for mobile platforms on CSS3 and HTML5. Basically, the feeling seems to be that Flash is going to end up a dead product since newer web standards are addressing the things it did.

    But as far as Sudoku is concerned, I've got a couple of Sudoku games on my iPad and iPhone that I bought from the app store. The best one that I use all the time is UniSudoku. Doesn't help for your newspaper I know, but...

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    yep right now it can be a bit of a pain but the world is moving away from flash big time and towards html5/jscript - microsoft in a HUGE way, apple too... so it'll be far less of an issue in times to come
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