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Thread: Disney radio

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    Does anyone listen to any of the Disney radio stations out there?

    I go through for mine. I've currently got Park Hopper Radio playing on the laptop and I'm listening to some WDW Resort TV.

    I like Mouse World Radio too and Tour Guide Mike because he plays the monorail speils on there and there's nothing like hearing "Welcome to the Magic Kingdom" coming out of your laptop speakers. :207:

    Got Wonders of Life background music now.

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    I havent been but it's a great idea!

    I heard one that plays such great christmas music at disney when I was there last year but when I got home I found they wouldnt let uk addresses access it magic 10something I think it was

    I'll try the live365 thanks Dawn!
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    Just regular Radio Disney that broadcasts through a local Tempe FM station. It's really aimed at the 'tween set, so I don't listen to it a lot.

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