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2010 rumours

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line' started by eeyoreguy, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. eeyoreguy

    eeyoreguy Earning my ears

    Jul 29, 2008
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    read on another forum

    It looks like the Wonder will be doing 5 and 4 night sailings in June, July and August of 2010. They won't alternate, it will be two 5's and a 4 night.

    Although the Magic being scheduled to be in the Baltics it may not be heading there straight away. It seems that on April 10, the Magic heads on a 14 night Transatlantic voyage. It arrives on 4/24 and begins with an 11 night sailing. On 5/5 there's a 10 night, on 5/15 an 11 night and on 5/26 a 10 night.

    Here's where it gets interesting. On 6/5 there's a 7 night. Could the Magic be traveling from say, Barcelona to England? Are those 10 and 11 night sailings in April and May in the Mediterreanean? It would appear so.

    From England, the Magic is scheduled for four 12 night sailings starting on 6/12. These are rumored to be the Baltics, including Copenhagen, Oslo and Warnemunde, Germany.

    On July 30, it appears that there's going to be an 8 night sailing. We're speculating this is back to Barcelona. The schedule from there is an 11 night on 8/7, a 10 night on 8/18, an 11 night on 8/28, and a 10 night on 9/8.

    Finally, on 9/18, the Magic should be heading "home" on a 14 night Transatlantic voyage.

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