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Thread: New Fantasyland at Walt Disney Word's Magic Kingdom - Aerial Photos

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    Here are some aerial photos taken by Scott Keating of the new Fantasyland. It looks amazing, but there is still so much to do, it's hard to believe that the first part should be opening sometime this spring.

    You can see larger images here







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    Oooh i thought you meant Aerial as in mermaid aerial, not up in the sky Aerial - sometimes im so dim!!!

    They are fab photos though, its funny to think that all that is going on while people are just wandering around - you can even see them in the photos!

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    In the third pics, the bottom left hand corner (where the bus is) is the entrance to the Utilidors under MK
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    and at the same time this actually made me a bit sad.... wonder what will be working when we visit in April.... phew..... it looks like everything is boarded up

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