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Thread: Pre Trip of a sort

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 270841
    BWAAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Becca!!!! OOOOOH! Our personal flannel coutourier!!!

    You know, Becca you only have to be a woman to join an Olivia Cruise... sisters and other woman relatives and friends do it all the time. LOL.
    White party? Yes?

    It truly does sound UH-MAZING. Can't wait to hear more about the plans!

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    Sounds wonderful Sis, I have to admit I didn't have any idea what it was either!The cruise sounds breathtaking, I have friends that spent quite a bit of time in Vancouver, I'll check with them to see if they have any suggestions for you both.. You should try to pick up a NorthFace jacket that can convert from a heavier weight to a windbreaker. I bought one for Ty this Christmas and it's lovely! Of course they're on sale now!!!I finally caved and bought a pair of Ugghs(spelling?) I have to admit that they are toasty and Very comfortable and come in alot of styles now.

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    Oh my goodness, sounds wonderful! If it wasn't for the fact that I'd like to go with Mr Deb then it would be perfect

    A cruise to Alaska is on our shortlist for the next few years, with a few days in Vancouver and Vancouver Island thrown in. I went skiing in Whistler years ago (which was incredible in itself), and as we drove through Vancouver I had my nose pressed up against the window wishing we could stop, and vowed I'd go back one day and do it properly! I sometimes have a little look at potential hotels there...I am going to go and look at your link now

    So exciting!!!!

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    Your cruise sounds fantastic, I'd love to go to Vancouver!
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    Hey Tink,

    I know you will just love the cruise! BTW there are two ways to go on Alaskan cruises..and you have chosen in my opinion the winner. You either go northbound or southbound out of AK. If you go as you are northbound, you will finish your trip with an awesome trip to the college glaciers at the end. I think that really is the best way to go.

    Also Vancouver is an awesome city. Does your cruise allow you to check your bags so they get to the boat without going through baggage claim? IF so I would suggest you take them up on that. The lines at customs gets freaking crazy with international flights and you could get stuck in line for an hour or so.

    PM me if you have any questions on the trip. We did it in 2006 on a Carnival cruise and it was awesome.

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    sounds fantastic.

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    Disneyland is just magic carpet ride down the coast.
    if time allows

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    sounds wonderful!!!!

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    Great suggestions all! I would love any recommendations for how to spend time in Vancouver. We'll poke and explore, but it's always nice to have suggestions from folks who've been there before.

    I don't know about the bag drop off, but will sure check on it. We looked into flying out of Tampa so the bags could be "dropped" there and then we'd meet up with them again at the ship. A mere $700 for the favor! Needless to say, we aren't going that route.

    Sister Tinkfan tell me more about that jacket! (I'll look it up on the 'net). I fully appreciate what you are saying about Uggs, but I just can't go there.

    Becca! White flannel party!

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    An Alaskan cruise is my "dream cruise". Will it be whale watching season when you go?

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