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Thread: mom with kids and no car?

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    We live an easy 7 hour drive from Walt Disney World. If you live anywhere in the southeast within a 12 hour drive of Walt Disney World I recommend Driving. Prior to leaving ensuring you have your vehicle checked. We use our vehicle minimally and always stay on property now. It is possible and very low stress. Having your vehicle is beneficial for trips to Wally World and the Disney outlet store off property.


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    I know my mother did it when I was a child but i think that Disney land has gotten a lot bigger but just to let you know that is possible! So good luck!

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    There is a great app called OLP Transportation Wizard for the iPhone that will help you find the best way to get between resorts for dining reservations.

    We usually have a car but I like to toss the keys in the safe on Day 1 and leave it parked until we leave. Disney Transportation can get you anywhere on property with ease.

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