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Thread: mom with kids and no car?

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    Question, is it possible for a mom with kids to do Disney with no car?

    I know we loved going to all the places near Disney last time but I don't fancy driving all on my own. I'd get lost

    So if we stayed on Disney itself, is it doable?


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    If you're staying onsite? Absolutely!

    When my DW and I go, we always stay on site. Our car sits abandoned in the parking lot of the hotel we're staying at (usually Port Orleans Riverside) and we don't see it again for a week. While we're there, we use only the Disney transportation system (buses, boats, and monorails).

    Personally, I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Tom (... leave it all behind for a week!)

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    We stay on international drive and never have a car, we have no problems getting to disney and back so im sure if you are on-site it would be super easy!

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    Yep, the Disney transportation system will be ideal for you to get around WDW if you are staying on-site.
    The only downside is that it may take a bit longer to get to your destination than if you had a car, but i don`t think that this would be a major issue in your case.

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    Actually, I think it is the best way. One trip is was just my daughter and myself and I debated the same thing. But Disney transportation got us everywhere we wanted to be and when we wanted to be there. I also had the peace of mind that I wouldn't have to worry about being on the roads alone. Even here at home, I opt for public Hey if it breaks down, another one will be coming in 15 minutes and I don't have to call a tow

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    I'm going in december with my teenage daughter and we're not hiring a car and just staying at disney.

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    With just you and the kids Disney transport should work well for you. You probably won't be going all over the place to the resorts to eat like my wife and I do which is very tough to do using Disney transport.

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    The Disney buses really are great and very reliable, too
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    Yes, to all that has been said. When on site you can rely on Dtrans for getting just about anywhere. The only time we needed transportation was once going to play golf on one of the course. We were staying at Boardwalk.

    I think that if you were on site at either PO or in the Boardwalk area and had hopper passes you could put together other options. For example when we stayed at BW and wanted to go to MK, we walked into Epcot, to the monorails and took the monorails to TTC and then got the other monorail to MK. Sounds kind of difficult rereading this but it was really easy.:tongue:

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    We always stay onsite and have never rented a car

    MAgical Express will pick you up from the airport and take you back... and within Disney you just use the Disney transportation

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