Well... what can I say? we've taken days off, added days on, booked ADRs, cancelled ADRs and booked them again... hahahahaha

but its been so much FUN!!!!!

And we are a mere two months away from being there, and I get teary eyed just thinking of being there with both girls

So... this is what we have so far....

As previously posted there's 8 of us going, and as always Johnie has been brilliant at taking care of us

So its Mari and Toņo, we feel like WDW veterans! hahahaha
Tatiana, who will be 4, and at the moment likes ALL Disney characters, she even wants a picture with Jafar!!!
Natalia who will be 2 weeks away from being a 2 year old, but shes been in the terrible twos since she was two months old! she loves Toy Story 3, LOVES its the only film she will sit and watch and even talk back to... no!! no boody no! ouuuh nouuu! its so cute!

And then there's:
Omar, he went to Disney in 1990, thats it!
Rossana, shes NEVER been
Ana Paula, 7, first trip, and she has been asking to go for a few years, and although she thinks shes very grown up, secretly she wants to dress up as Rapunzel
Omar, 4, Omar is Denis the Menace he is packed with energy, always on the move, loves characters and dinosaurs and rides and we havent found his off switch yet!

So we will arrive at MCO March 29th 4:30pm .... we will make our way with 11 or more suitcases, 3 strollers AND 4 children who have NO CLUE WHERE THEY ARE GOING to Magical Express...

Once on the bus... SURPRISE!!! you are all going to DISNEY!!!

So after checking in, we plan to visit DTD... make our way around the shops, relax a bit, have diner ...
We are going to Raglan Road and they are going to the Rainforest...

This will be the day when Toņo will get to take one thing off his bucket list... both dads are off to the Exotic Driving experience in the morning.... they will both be driving the Ferrari Italia
Once they are back we will make our way to Hollywood Studios...
late lunch/early dinner at Beaches and Cream and then back for Fantasmic

We are planning on staying in Future World and the pavillions, we will have lunch at The Coral Reef and then we are off on the monoriel to the transportation center.
From there we are taking the ferry to Wilderness Lodge for Mickeys BB BBQ

Animal Kingdom
Breakfast at Donald's Breakfasaurus (sp?) and then a whole day of animals and dinos...
Late dinner at Sanaa at AKL

and wow have we got stuff planned! Pirate makeovers, BBB, Crystal Palace, and dinner at Cindys!

We will do the World Showcase this day, have lunch with the princesses and dinner at the Garden Grill before watching Illuminations

Getting Natalia's first haircut that day, and visiting favorite attractions

Breakfast at Ohana and then we will be heading back home