When Disney shareholders vote to re-elect directors at its annual meeting in March, neither Steve Jobs' wife or a representative from his trust will be on the ballot, even though the trust is the media company's largest shareholder.

According to Walt Disney Company’s proxy, filed on Friday, directors standing for re-election include president and CEO Robert Iger, Potbelly Sandwich Works president and CEO Aylwin Lewis, and Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg.

Jobs' wife, Laurene, is absent from the list and none of the members standing for re-election represents his estate.

Representatives for Disney did not immediately respond to inquiries about whether Jobs' wife or a member of his trust was offered a seat on its board. Apple declined to comment about whether they were offered or turned down a position in Steve Jobs' absence.

Jobs, who passed away in October, had been on Disney's board since May 2006, when Disney bought his company Pixar.

He was enlisted for the Disney board to help provide guidance and help steer the media company through the digital disruption that was wreaking havoc on its business.